Partners in Germany

Based in Berlin, the travelling European short film festival Moviemiento is the association responsible for Moving Baltic Sea. Moviemiento promotes young European filmmakers and connects people, places and cultures by way of film and travel. Rather than being restricted to a single location, Moviemiento screens films open-air on public spaces in different cities throughout Europe, which allows the festival to incorporate the unique atmosphere of each city. Moving Baltic Sea takes Moviemiento off the roads and for the first time onto the seas! See

Plotki, an independent English-language magazine created by students from all over Central and Eastern Europe with homebase in Berlin, will be responsible for the cultural magazine and the creative writing workshops. See


Íkohaus e. V. Rostock, Germany is a local and regional working association based in Rostock. Since ten years we are operating in the educational sector with a focus on sustainability, education of developmental politics and environment education most notably. We train multiples in the topics listed above, organize project days with school classes, youth groups and adults. We also offer further education, workshops, lectures, exhibitions and political theatre. We cooperate with local and supra-regional partners and also have experience in arranging EU projects. To get more information, please see