Partners in Latvia

The Foundation for Environmental education Latvia (FEE Latvia)/ Vides izglitibas fonds is based in Riga, Latvia and is one of the most active non-governmental organisations involved in environment education in Latvia. The main goals are to integrate principles of sustainability in environmental education, and to raise public awareness on environment protection and sustainable development. FEE Latvia implements five programs for different target audiences – for local municipalities and enterprises (Blue Flag campaign, Green Key programme), schools (Eco-schools program, program “Learning about Forests”) and youth-programs (“Young Reporters for the Environment”). For more information, please see

The main long-term-project of the Virtual studio Urga from Riga/ Latvia is 2ANNAS - a non-profit, independent and international short film festival featuring creative shorts produced by young independent filmmakers, film school students, graduates and experimental film projects worldwide. The festival’s objective is to promote non-commercial cinema. It presents the latest tendencies and a variety of ideas generated by young filmmakers in different areas of the world. Every May, 2ANNAS offers a range of short film collections which are screened in Riga’s cinemas and other venues. The festival hosts lectures and photo exhibitions, as well as theater and music performances, “out-of-box events” and other activities within the rich city environment and the vibrant multi-talented 2ANNAS atmosphere.The Virtual Studio Urga also produces short films – animation and features – and organizes educational workshops and lectures within audio-visual field. For more information, please visit!