Partners in Russia

Keep Saint-Petersburg Tidy (KSPT) from St. Petersburg/ Russia is a member of the international organization The Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), promoting sustainable development through environmental education. For that matter KSPT is actively working at the following current projects: The Eco-Schools/Green Flag program aims an increasing of environmental awareness of young people, encouraging them to act as a team and to take part in decision-making processes. The Blue Flag Campaign in the Northwest of Russia aims to improve the coastal zone environmental management and to introduce the environmental certification scheme for beaches, marinas and boats. Please visit!

The German-Russian Exchange (GRE)/ Nemecko-Russkij Obmen in St. Petersburg/ Russsia, together with its partner organization in Berlin, was founded in 1992 by a group of German activists. From its initiation, the main purpose of GRE was to facilitate volunteer opportunities and to support non-governmental organizations, thus strengthening the necessary foundation for an open and democratic society. GRE is working in four main areas: volunteering, abroad programs, cultural exchanges and human rights education. Please see!